What are the Benefits of CBD Oil?

Cannabidiol (CBD) has had a tumultuous existence since it was first isolated in the 1940s. For much of this compound’s history, the study and usage of it were highly regulated if not outright banned, and it is only in the last ten years, or so we are starting to discover what a momentous mistake that was. 

In the short time we have had CBD as a readily available product, we have already discovered a myriad of possible medicinal uses, as well as seen it become a popular additive for more typical products like dog treats. In fact, there have been so many discovered uses for CBD that many people are wholly unaware of a good number of them.

In this article, we will do our best to cover the many benefits of CBD, though keep in mind the science is constantly changing, and even at the time of writing this, more studies into the effects of CBD are currently underway. 

Covering every possible benefit of CBD would take pages and pages -but this article and the linked studies should provide a solid base for you to continue your research. 

What is CBD?

Before we jump into the many benefits and uses of CBD, we should go over the basics of this compound. CBD stands for Cannabidiol, and it is one of the over 110 different cannabinoids found in the Cannabis plant.

CBD is a highly active ingredient, second only to Delta-9-THC though it lacks the same psychoactive effects which cause the “high” associated with marijuana usage. THC mainly focuses on the endocannabinoid receptors in the body, while CBD has been shown to interact with other receptors and ion channels in the body. 

It is possible to ingest or utilize CBD in various ways, such as through tinctures, vaporizers, or even topical creams. Where, how, and what you use CBD with will often dictate where its effects will be most keenly felt.

What are the Benefits of CBD Usage?

Unlike the many false miracle cures of our modern age or the snake oils salesman of centuries past, CBD actually can stand by a large amount of scientific evidence that provides evidence for its use and efficacy. We have even seen FDA approval for remedies utilizing CBD as their main active component. 

These are some of the more commonly reported benefits of CBD usage:

Effective Pain Relief

CBD is used by countless people each day to help them manage their pain issues without the use of addictive pain killers. The effects of CBD will vary from individual to individual. Still, for many, it has been shown to be effective in reducing both tension and inflammation, as well as in reducing pain symptoms caused by various chronic conditions

You are even seeing CBD topical creams and ointments make their way into professional sports, with major athletes stating that they use it on their muscles and joints following intense usage. One of the more famous incidents was MMA fighter Nate Diaz openly touting the benefits of CBD following one of his many fights in the Octagon.

Seizure Reduction

For years anecdotal and video evidence had shown that CBD treatments could work miracles for those suffering from crippling seizures. Though the government took a frustratingly long-time to look into this reality, the FDA has finally approved medication for those who suffer from seizures based on CBD. While it still isn’t known why CBD can help alleviate certain types of seizures, it is theorized that it is largely due to the way it interacts with the receptors responsible for neuron excitability. The current over-the-counter medication is made specially to treat the genetic disorder tuberous sclerosis complex.

Acne Reduction

There has been exciting research into the effects of CBD and its ability to treat acne. The science points to CBD being an effective sebostatic agent, meaning that it can help to regulate the production of Sebum. Sebum is an oily, waxy substance that is one of the major causes of acne. By regulating Sebum, it has been shown that you can reduce the number of dead skin cells and tiny particles that will invade our pores and cause pimples and other skin issues.

Help Alleviate Other Skin Issues as Well

In addition to helping to prevent the worst of acne issues, CBD topical creams have become popular as a way to alleviate the worst symptoms of multiple skin issues. In fact, CBD creams are amongst the fastest growing CBD products on the market. 

CBD has been shown to be a possible treatment for issues related to Eczema and Dermatitis, and The National Eczema Association has also released statements supporting the use of CBD for its anti-inflammatory, anti-itch, and pain relief properties. Another usage involves the antimicrobial benefits of CBD that can kill staph infections and other potentially harmful bacteria.

Regulating Sleep

CBD has been promoted by the American Sleep Association as a way to sleep and rest through the night more effectively. While the pain reduction effects of CBD have apparent benefits for getting better sleep, it has also been shown that CBD interacts with specific receptors, likely affecting our sleep/wake cycle.

Anxiety Reduction

Much of the recent science has given promising results showing CBD to be an effective option for anxiety reduction. CBD usage can cause your body to increase its natural serotonin levels and can mimic the beneficial effects of many antidepressants without the side effects. Treatments involving CBD have also been found effective for forms of social anxiety, OCD, and PTSD.

Is It Time to Try CBD for Yourself?

Not everyone reacts to cannabinoids the same way, but for some, there are quite a lot of positive benefits to be had. If you suffer from any of these issues or are looking for a natural way to promote overall wellness in your diet, CBD supplements might just be the perfect thing for you to try.

At, we regularly cover the latest CBD news and information. Check back often for the latest updates on CBD, the science behind it, and the products it is featured in.


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