Where Can I Find Delta-8 THC Near Me?

CBD and THC products are immensely popular these days with everything from gummies to vapes to shampoos coming out featuring them. This plethora of THC and CBD products has created a Cannabis industry worth over $100 billion. With so much money to be made, companies have been on the lookout for the next big thing in Cannabis that will help them stand out. As it turns out, this next big thing seems to have been found in Delta-8-Tetrahydrocannabinol (Delta-8 or D8).

Delta-8 is another Cannabinoid that provides much the same effect as other popular THC-infused products, able to both get one high for recreational purposes,  as well as offer several therapeutic medical effects. These similarities have led D8 to become nicknamed “weed light” (as it provides a more mellow and “chill” high with less anxiety) and has caused a considerable amount of public interest.

The most significant difference between Delta-8 and other more well-known Cannabis products is how federal law treats it and where you can purchase it. In this article, we will briefly cover the legal confusion over D8,  how this affects your region, and where you may be able to purchase the product for yourself.

Why is Delta-8 Legally Different than Marijuana?

Delta-8-Tetrahydrocannabinol is just one of over a hundred cannabinoids found in the Cannabis plant and it appears in very small amounts; typically less than 1% of a plant will be made up of Delta 8. This is important because the overall THC levels in a Cannabis plant will determine whether it is legally classified as marijuana or as hemp.

Technically speaking, Delta-8 is a hemp product (not a marijuana product), but it can still get you high and provide many of the same medical benefits. 

A Cannabis plant with over .3% psychoactive THC ingredients is classified as marijuana, while a plant with less than .3% of active ingredients is referred to as hemp. In the past, this differentiation was made with the belief that with less than .3% of a plant being psychoactive, it wouldn’t be able to really get one high. However, with the advancement of extraction and isolation techniques, we can now extract Delta-8 from hemp products in amounts that make it commercially viable. This means that under the current understanding of federal laws, Delta8 is a hemp product, but one that will get you high in the same way as classic marijuana products.

In reaction to this, some states have passed laws to ban Delta-8 while others have avoided the topic and are awaiting further scientific clarification. What this means for the consumer is that the legalities of Delta8 will change depending on which state they are currently living in.


Where You Should Purchase Delta-8

If you live in an area where D8 is currently legal, you have a couple of different options for how to go about purchasing it. It has become so popular that there is a very good chance that your nearest dispensaries, head shops, and vape stores are likely carrying it. In fact, the regulation is so unclear right now that it is not uncommon to see it being sold at locations like gas stations as well. Your other option is, of course, to make the purchase online.


Buying D8 Online Versus at a Local Shop

The unregulated nature of Delta-8 right now is a double-edged sword for the typical consumer. On the one hand, it is widely available in the states where it is legal; on the other, there is practically no oversight on the quality or standards of the products being distributed. In many ways, Delta-8 shoppers are facing many of the same hurdles early CBD adopters had faced. As of yet, there are no set testing and labeling standards, so consumers are forced to trust the distribution company to do their homework on the product they are selling.

This means if you want to buy D8, you need to buy it from a company whose name you trust. So, going down to your local head shop or gas station may not be the best idea if you want a high-quality product. Of course, you may get lucky, and your local shop may have a great Delta-8 offering, but unless they are going out and testing it themselves at third-party laboratories, it is going to be a shot in the dark.

On the other hand, the online competition over products like Delta-8 is incredibly intense, and numerous companies and brands are going out of their way to test and evaluate each and every product that they sell. Our site is a good example of this. At, we only carry the products we feel meet the highest quality and safety standards and spend a significant portion of our time vetting and researching brands.

Better Selections and lower Prices

Another point to make here on this topic is the variation of D8 products and prices you can get online versus your local store. Most local stores will be carrying a couple of D8 products, generally vapes and various tinctures. Online shops will tend to have a wider selection of options, including Delta-8 gummies and other edibles, as well as distillates and concentrates. 

Options like Delta-8 gummies are often a better choice for first-time users looking to get a very controlled dosage. This allows you to better gauge your reaction to the compound.

Price can also be a factor. Many traditional shops have more costs to cover, such as their lease, that they will need to make up for by upselling their goods. While online shops need to test and check the products they sell, these are generally not regular costs, and in the end, they are able to sell D8 for less.

We are Here to Help You Buy Delta-8

While we don’t want to turn this into an advertisement, it is worth noting once more that at, we have taken great effort to ensure that the Delta-8 we carry is amongst the best available today. We are closely following the developments of the industry as well as the scientific and legal matters that are dictating its evolution.

 We are dedicated to bringing you the most up-to-date news and information regarding THC, CBD, and Delta-8 products and are proud of the services we provide to our audience.


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