Are CBD Cigarettes Safe?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is becoming increasingly popular in our world today and can be found in thousands of stores and nearly as many varieties. With so many new customers wishing to try CBD, we at are getting hundreds of questions regarding specific products and their efficacy.

It makes sense that there would be so many questions with so many new items showing up on the shelves. These days we have CBD gummies, CBD creams, even CBD soaps out there -and something new seems to be appearing each week.

One of the most common questions we get is from prospective buyers wondering if CBD cigarettes are safe or if they pose the same risks as classic cigarettes. Rather than continue to answer each person individually, we have decided to put this article together as a comprehensive reference piece. Here we will explain once and for all the difference between CBD and tobacco cigarettes and how this difference translates into health outcomes, both good and bad.

What are CBD Cigarettes?

The term ‘cigarette’ is probably the most significant cause for much of the confusion on the market today. The term cigarette refers to any thin “cylinder containing a narcotic, herbs, or a medicated substance for smoking.” but in our culture, the word has become synonymous with tobacco products like Marlboro or Camel.

A CBD cigarette is often called a CBD joint, or a CBD pre-roll, to try and avoid many of the misunderstandings that occur with the term cigarette.

A CBD cigarette is made from ground-up hemp rich in CBD that is then rolled up within a cylindrical piece of smoking paper. There will be filters or “crutches” that assist with more comfortable and stable smoking in some designs.

While CBD cigarettes or joints may look like classic tobacco cigarettes, they are actually very different.

Comparing Regular Cigarettes and CBD Cigarettes 

Outside of basic appearances, there is very little in common between CBD cigarettes and traditional tobacco cigarettes. The CBD variation does not contain the same chemicals, preservatives, or additives that have been shown to be so addictive and harmful to one’s health. A typical tobacco cigarette will have roughly seven thousand chemicals in its smoke, including poisonous ones like ammonia, carbon monoxide, and even cyanide. Many of these chemicals are purposely added during the production process, while others are carried over by the pesticides used in farming. The tobacco plant also contains a considerable number of chemicals, and the method for curing it adds in even more.

Meanwhile, a CBD cigarette is made from hemp and contains near zero additives or harmful chemicals. Of course, various brands will have different blends, but for now, the direction of the CBD industry has been primarily in maintaining a strong emphasis on health and wellness. 

Perhaps the most significant difference, other than the added preservatives, are the key chemicals found naturally in each plant. Tobacco naturally contains many harmful chemicals like nicotine, which is highly addictive and can cause oxidative stress and other health issues. Meanwhile, hemp primarily consists of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. These funny-sounding items in hemp are almost exclusively found to be of some benefit to the human body. 

Tobacco cigarettes cause over 450k deaths per year in the United States, while CBD is quickly becoming commonplace in the health and wellness sector.

So, Are CBD Cigarettes Safe?

As we have gone over, there is almost no comparison between CBD and tobacco when it comes to being smoked. The number of harmful chemicals and overall addictiveness found in tobacco products simply don’t exist in CBD cigarettes.

When compared to traditional cigarettes, CBD cigarettes are incredibly safe.

It is worth stating that directly inhaling any type of smoke will carry some sort of risk. An interesting piece by the EPA regarding forest fires touches on this point. As the EPA says, when addressing forest fires, smoke exposure of any type can exacerbate certain medical issues and may impact the cardiovascular system. Though they admit, there has been very little research on forms of smoke outside of tobacco cigarettes. Luckily CBD comes in many forms, and if you feel you are prone to cardiovascular issues, you can still ingest CBD and still get many of the same benefits.

Why Smoke CBD Cigarettes?

The main reason that CBD is smoked is because when you smoke a product, your body is able to absorb and utilize whatever you are putting in it very quickly. CBD naturally takes a while to process into the bloodstream when eaten or taken topically, and it is much less potent because of that. Only about 5% of the CBD you eat will make it to your bloodstream, while roughly 50% makes it when smoked.

By smoking CBD, you are able to get much faster relief. While oral supplements can take upwards of 40 minutes to kick in, smoking CBD may require only one or two minutes to provide benefits. For those who require help with pain or suffer from seizures, smoking CBD is often the best way to obtain quick relief. Smoking CBD is also an effective method of providing relaxation and warding away anxiety.

Smoking a product provides a much quicker pathway, from the lungs to the brain, than topical or oral items.

Smoking CBD May Help You Quit Smoking Tobacco Cigarettes

For many, smoking is both a physical and mental addiction. Many get used to holding and actively smoking something, while the nicotine will make the body dependent. Smoking CBD allows one to maintain their daily smoking routine without tobacco, and the compounds within CBD may also help the brain ward away the worst effects of addiction withdrawal.2

Buy Pure and Natural CBD Cigarettes 

The more pure your CBD is, the more healthy its consumption will be for you. A clean and safe production process will create a healthy and safe end product. At, we put great effort into ensuring that you have the most up-to-date and accurate knowledge regarding CBD and the brands that sell it. Check back often to see the latest news and which companies are offering the best products.


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